How it works

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In our Homesearch Barcelona apartments listing of properties and properties for rent in Barcelona we have tried to included the best possible apartments and homes for sale and for rent currently available on the market. However, in some cases, it is possible the a specific property won’t appear in our listing. It doesn’t mean that we can’t find it.

Finding the right property for our clients is our specialty! Our unique PROPERTY SEARCH service was designed for this purpose and the results so far in terms of client satisfaction demonstrate it. If you can’t dedicate time for searching for the specific property we will do it for you. Just contact our office and ask for the our PROPERTY SEARCH service.


How does the property search service work?

  1. Tell us what you are looking for

    First you tell us what king of property you look for: the exact kind of property, the property price range , the size, location, number of bedrooms, which floor, special features etc...

  2. We search for suitable properties

    Assuming that the apartment that you look for doesn’t appear in our Barcelona properties listing and after we have clear idea about the kind of property you are looking for, we will start to search actively for it. We will send you information of available properties in the market that fit your target. If you are happy with what we offer you we will sign the service agreement and set a date to meet in Barcelona for the properties viewing.

  3. We prepare a selection of properties for you

    We will need about two to three weeks, to search in detail for your home. We will search the market actively and intensively visiting wide range of properties. At the same time we will continue to send you information of some of the most interesting homes we have found, to make sure that our criteria applied for your search is the right one. Then we will select the best 10 to 13 properties, that means apartments for sale in Barcelona that we consider to be the best value in the market.

  4. Property viewing

    The day of the property viewing or Properties tour, we meet in Barcelona. Normally a typical viewing will last one working day, although in some cases we will need a second day to complete the visits. By the end of the day you have seen the best properties available on market and you will have your own criteria to make the best choice.

Most of our clients who did the PROPERTY SEARCH with us found their property after the first property viewing in Barcelona!

Key benefits

Our efficient service filters out the noise, using our intimate knowledge of the Barcelona real estate market to match you with apartments that fit your criteria.

  • A fast access to huge number of properties and homes for sale in Barcelona
  • Risk free purchase – you receive all the protection and assessment you need to make safe and optimized real estate investment.
  • Big money saving - we are experts in price negotiations a fact that can save you a lot of money.
  • Turn-Key Service, all is taken care of by us, from the NIE application until the property management.


Get in touch with us to find how your property purchase in Barcelona will be simple!

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