People searching to buy an apartment face a lot of challenges along the way, as this is a very difficult task and a complex decision one has to make. It is not like you are buying an apartment every month, but instead it is usually an opportunity to find a place you would call your home, usually for an indefinite period of time. This is why, when buying an apartment you need to take everything into an account, starting from the location, to the number of rooms, type of heating, etc. With so many things to think about, it is natural that you might feel stressed as you are about to make a very important decision, and naturally, you want everything to goes smoothly, and you do not want to have any regrets whatsoever.

One of the most difficult challenges people face when buying an apartment in Barcelona is where to buy an apartment. Local and international buyers usually have some preferences when it comes to the number of rooms, size, and similar things, but they might come to a halt when they need to choose the location. Barcelona is a very large city with so many wonderful places to live in. Therefore, when you come to a point you have to choose one place in the city, usually a district of a particular neighborhood, you might need helping deciding which part of the city is the best.

The fact that the location is so often an obstacle, to the buyers of properties in Barcelona, is usually the case with the buyers who are new in Barcelona and they do not really know the city. Even if the buyers are locals, sometimes it can be very difficult to choose the best place in such a large city. This is the reason why we want to suggest you five great places to buy an apartment in Barcelona.


Buy Apartments in Ciutat Vella

This is one of the oldest districts in Barcelona, and it is located along the cost. It is considered to be the center of the city, and this is one of the major reasons why Ciutat Vella is popular among those looking to purchase a property in the city of Barcelona. Since a great number of offices are located in the central area of the district, this is additional reason why buyers choose this part of the city as their permanent residence. Living near the office reduces the time needed for commuting and thus it leaves much more free time for people to go out and enjoy the perks of living in the center of Barcelona.

The neighborhood is a vibrant part of the city, full of events and local gatherings, in the numerous squares, cafes and restaurants scattered around the streets of the central part of the city. This part of the city is also usually filled with tourists, as this is basically the central hub of the city life, with numerous landmarks and tourist sites located around the district. Although the busy life and crowded streets seem to give away an impression that you are in a European metropolis, a walk down to the beach is enough to reassure you and you soon get to realize an amazing perk of this area. You are in the center of a busy city, but the beach is so near you that you always can seek a resort in a shade of a parasol, as you enjoy listening to the waves.


Buy Apartments in El Raval

Known as a historic center of Barcelona, El Raval is a perfect location to buy an apartment in old historic buildings which are all renovated but still preserve that spirit of the old city life. El Raval is actually one of the neighborhoods in Ciutat Vella district, so this area is also popular among tourists. However, what make this part so unique is the wonderful architecture and numerous monuments and other landmarks located in this area of the city.

If you are intrigued by a historic aspect of this neighborhood, you should look into the offer of apartments in El Raval, as this certainly is one of the most popular neighborhoods in the city, and you will definitely be able to find a place that would be suited to your needs.


 Buy Apartments in Barceloneta

If you want to feel like you are always on a vacation and your perfect view in the morning is one of a beach, you will love Barceloneta. This neighborhood is also a part of Cuitat Vella district, and it is the one that is actually next to the beach La Barceloneta. La Barceloneta is known for the sandy beach, as well as many restaurants and nightclubs located along the boardwalk next to the beach.

Barcelonetta beach is the closest beach to the city center, and it has been voted by many travel magazines and one of the best city beaches in the world. Near famous La Rambla street, the most famous pedestrian area in the city, as well as near the Port Vell and modern looking the Moll d'Espanya, with its aquarium, IMAX cinema, shops and restaurants, Barcelonetta is one of the most popular places to visit and live in Barcelona. If you want to be a part of all important events and you want to keep up with the urban city life, living in this part of the city will be quite fulfilling, as you will easily be able to keep up with the city life, especially with night life.

On the other hand, if you prefer a peaceful surrounding and you are not that interested in night life, perhaps you want to consider other districts in the city.


Buy Apartments in Gràcia

Gràcia is also one of the central districts, but it is not so close to the beach. In fact, going from the center towards the Tibidabo Mountain, you will reach this district, which is famous for its narrow streets. Still, this area of the city is also popular place to visit and live, as numerous shops, bars and restaurants, with chatty locals create a wonderful, friendly atmosphere, where you can enjoy, especially in the hot summer evenings, when so many events are organized in this part of Barcelona.

This part of the city is considered the most cosmopolitan area of the city, with lots of low-rise architecture, usually influenced by Mediterranean style and lots of one-way streets. A lot of older Catalonians live in Gràcia district, as this is one of those old part of the cities, which tremendously grew in popularity, especially during the last forty or fifty years, which is when most of the older locals started living here. Unlike other districts, the number of tourists is fewer than in the busy areas such as Barcelonetta, but still it is the place where you will find a lot of interesting clubs and restaurants serving different kinds of international cuisines.


Buy Apartments in Eixample

Here is another one of the central districts popular among apartment hunters. Regardless if you are looking for apartments to buy or rent in Eixample district, you will find lots of interesting options in this part of the city. The area is known to be influenced by Modernista architects, especially by Antoni Gaudí, as some of the most popular constructions he left behind are located in this part of the city. Most of the central area of the district, around Passeig de Gràcia and Sagrada Familia in particular, are considered wealthy neighborhoods, with lots of prestigious schools and offices located nearby.

Due to several landmarks such as Sagrada Familia, there are tourists in this part of the city, but this is usually the case with the particular landmark and the nearby streets, while the rest of the district is rather peaceful, even though it is in the heart of the city.

When it comes to choosing a perfect place to live, you will face so many challenges, but it is advisable to carefully consider both pros and cons of each location. Being aware of both benefits and drawbacks, you as a buyer will be able to see a more realistic picture and figure out the best choice for you and your family, based on your current needs and situation, future plans, etc. Even though suggestions we have here are great guidance when it comes to choosing a particular neighborhood or district where you would look for an apartment, this is only the beginning of the journey.

Having chosen the neighborhood or district, you also need time to explore the area on your own, make sure that everything you would need is available, such as for example a school if you have children. Only after you have chosen the place where you want to buy an apartment in Barcelona, will the extensive search begin, where you will need to go and visit apartments offered in that part of the city, compare their features, prices, etc. so that you will eventually be able to make an informed decision and choose the best apartment for you and your family.

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