Home Staging: How to Sell Barcelona Apartment?Barcelona is a huge market place when it comes to real estate business and the city has become a trendy hub for many companies or individuals looking to build or invest into real estate in Barcelona.

The rapid development of the city in the past decades has contributed to the growth of real estate market in the city, allowing people to find and buy new apartments, to refurbish the existing ones and to move if they believe this would improve the comfort of their life.

In this sense, selling apartments in Barcelona has become a growing activity and since we have so much experience in this area, we want to share some tips on how to sell Barcelona apartment. With years of experience in property search and sale, we are completely familiar with Barcelona real estate market.

We know the challenges and risks people are facing when preparing a home to be sold, which is why we wanted to create this short guide to describe the process of preparing the apartment for sale in order to shorten the time the apartment is going to spend on the market.

What is home staging?

We have to start with the term home staging, which might not be familiar to those who are not part of real estate market. Selling apartments is much easier through the process of home staging, which is why this concept has become important part of real estate industry in the entire world.

Home staging is the process of preparing a property for selling. This requires a certain sets of actions, which are often determined by the situation on the market, as well as the cultural background of the city or country where the apartment is being sold. Home staging has always been a part of the apartment selling process, where the home owner was in charge of tidying the property before the prospective buyers arrive to see the property, but in the past decades home staging has become more than that.

Nowadays, agencies that sell apartments, such as Homesearch Barcelona, create a list of recommended actions that should be done by the home owner. This list is created based on the years of experience and by applying the best practices that are used as a part of real estate market, so it is a very useful resource for anyone interested in understanding modern real estate market.

The ultimate goal of home staging is to make the property more appealing to the potential buyers of the apartment. Since real estate agencies are interested in facilitating the sale that occurs when the home owner is able to successfully sell the property to the new owner, home staging has become an inseparable part of the process, initiated and recommended by all the agencies on the market that are using the best practices on the market. Various researches show that home staging can reduce the time the property spends on the market. This means that property that is home staged has more success in finding the potential buyers as opposed to the property that has not been a part of this process. Not only can home staging speed up the sale, based on the various reports, it can also increase the price of the property.

Phases of home staging

Before you consider inviting potential buyers to the apartment you are selling, make sure you take care of all the necessary tasks that will improve the look of the apartment and thus make it much more appealing to the prospective buyers. You could create a sort of a checklist that will help you follow the process of home staging successfully in order to make sure you do not skip any of the steps that will eventually make your apartment look better to the potential buyers. The process of home staging includes the following tasks.

Cleaning the property

Although this might seem as the most obvious task when someone is interested in selling a property, based on our experience it is important to highlight this activity as the most important one. When the property is on the market, it has to be cleaned regularly, as you do not know when an interested buyer might arrive to see the property. Cleaning also should not be done carelessly. Instead, you should pay attention to cleaning every single room of the property, cleaning the windows, the floors, including the areas under the rug, etc. You do not want a buyer opening a wardrobe or a cupboard only to discover a huge pile of mess in there. This is why we highlight cleaning as the most important task. The property that has not been thoroughly cleaned has far less chances of being sold, plus this might affect the price.

Additionally, if your wardrobes and cupboards are jam packed, this might seem as if there is not enough room in the apartment, so this will have a negative impact on the buyers. This also refers to the rooms which are too full with furniture, as they might seem smaller if they are crowded with large pieces of furniture, gym equipment, plants, etc. Make sure you tidy everything before the buyers arrive to the apartment. And have in mind that buyers who are genuinely interested in your apartment will be thorough when looking around, which means they are most likely to look under the beds, behind the wardrobes, and similar places that could be hiding potential problems, such as a crack in the wall or a dingy floor.

Fix the problems around the apartment

When someone buys an apartment, they usually want to buy it in the best condition possible. This means that if you see some smaller problems that you can easily fix, you should do that. There is no need to leave this to the future owner. For example, if you have a few holes in the wall from the nails that used to hold a mirror, you should fix the wall, as it will look so much better to the future owners. Small issues like this one can significantly improve the visual aspect of the property, so you should fix all of them before the property is shown to the buyers.

Although chipped tiles or dated furniture might not look as awful to you and they might not bother you, the buyers will definitely notice those details. Also, the buyers know how the repairs might be time consuming and expensive, so they will really appreciate if you do those repairs for them. Eventually, this will only increase the value of your property and you will be able to sell your Barcelona apartment much faster.

Clean after your pets

Even though people adore their pets, not everyone will love them equally. You should have in mind that people who are interested in buying the apartment might be completely different from you, and they might not like animals at all. When they see an apartment where your pet lives with you, they might be reluctant to consider buying the property. Therefore, if you have people coming over to see the apartment, make sure there is not any mess left by your precious pets.

Improve the lighting in the apartment

Some people like to keep the blinds on their windows during the entire day, but this will have a negative effect on someone who is looking at the property for the first time, as this might make the apartment look smaller and darker than it usually is. When the apartment has more light, it instantly seems more spacious and positive. It also looks nicer and homier, which is how you want potential buyers to feel when they look around the apartment. Lighting is very important aspect of the apartment, and many experts in the real estate market state that the lighting can have a major impact on selling an apartment, as it substantially improves the look of the apartment and the furniture inside it. Therefore, make sure the window blinds are open, and turn on some extra lamps if necessary.

Pay attention to the style

As much as you love the style of you apartment, and you have done your best to decorate it immaculately, not everyone will like it. The experts suggest that neutral colors are much more appealing to most people, and thus they will look nicer in the eyes of the future apartment owners. This refers to the wall paint, beddings, color of the furniture, rugs, curtains, etc. Therefore, if you want to upgrade colored bedding, throws and pillows inside the apartment, choose the neutral colors, as this has been shown as the best practice in the process of home staging and preparing the apartment for the buyers.

Allow potential buyers to look around on their own

Having prepared the apartment for the potential buyers, you should introduce them to the place and show all the rooms. You should also state some of the positive aspects of the apartment, such as having a lot of light, quiet neighborhood, thick walls, etc. All of these can help you increase the interest of the buyers in your property.

However, you should also allow potential buyers to look around on their own. While they would appreciate you showing them around, potential buyers are also interested in looking around on their own, as they can focus and concentrate on the aspects that are important for them. For example, they might want to measure the bedroom to see if their king-sized bed can fit into it. Or they might want to examine the space available in the wardrobe, to see if they would be able to put inside all of the things they have. In addition, if you have a couple of people visiting your apartment in Barcelona and they are interested in buying, you should leave them some time to consult each other on the things they like and things they do not like.

Although they will exchange their opinions later on, they might want to share some first impressions right there on the spot, and they might not be comfortable doing so when there is someone else listening to what they are saying.

The benefits of home staging

The major benefit of home staging is that you will be able to sell the apartment much faster, while keeping the desired price. Apartment owners, who have their apartments on the market for far too long, might feel they need to reduce the price as they are desperate to sell. Instead, think about home staging as an investment. It is an investment into making your apartment look better to the potential buyers, which will eventually help you sell the apartment more quickly and you will also be able to keep the price you intended.

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