Buying a property is a huge step in a person’s life, especially when it comes to families who are looking for a permanent housing solution for their loved ones. It is a decision a person or a family rarely has to make, and as such makes is so important how your approach this process of searching for and buying a property.

If you are interested in buying a property in this Spanish city, we have a very useful list of things to do before you buy a property in Barcelona.



Make a decision on what type of property you want to buy

Many decision-making is involved in the process of buying a property, as well as in the period preceding the purchase, and one of the most important you will have to make is related to the type of property you want to buy. There are many different types of properties including:

·         Houses

·         Apartments

·         Studios

·         Lofts

·         Villas

The differences among these types are in terms of functionality and practicality, and they are suitable for different types of needs. Before buying a property in Barcelona, you need to be aware of the types of properties that exist, and you need to decide which one you want.

If you are buying a property for your family, you will most likely choose a house over a studio, as a house represents a much more suitable solution for your living situation, especially if you have or planning to have children. More living space is imperative in this situation, as several family members will be sharing a household. On the other hand, if you are planning on living alone, a studio or a loft might be a perfectly acceptable solution for you. One person needs less space, so these types of properties are great choice in situations like these.

Making a decision on which type of property you want to buy in Barcelona is a first task in this property purchase endeavor, and it is the first step getting you closer to your goal – becoming a proud owner of a property in Barcelona. Having made up your mind on the type of property you are interested in, you are ready for the next step.



Choose whether you want to buy a new property, renovated one or you want a property that needs renovation

When you decide to buy a property, there are three major distinctions between the types of properties that are available on the market. Here are the distinctions between those properties:

·         New property

The number of new properties available on the real estate market is much lower than the other two types of properties, but still is a choice of many buyers. A new property is one that is available for sale in a newly erected building. You will be the first owner of the property, which will make you the first person living in that property. One of the great benefits of buying such property is the fact that in most cases you will be able to participate in the interior design of the property. Many companies that are in charge of the works of constructing the new property meet with the buyers and consult if the buyers have suggestions when it comes to design of the property interior. Of course, the buyers are not able to make substantial decision such as the location of a supporting wall, as this affects the entire property, but buyers are frequently given the freedom to choose the color of the interior walls or the type of tiles used in the bathroom or the kitchen. This still is a great perk for new property owners.

·         Renovated property

This is a very common type of property available on the market and it includes a property that has been renovated by the previous owner or by a real estate company which will be handling the sale of the property. The goal of renovation of a property is to use an existing property and adjust it to fit modern standards and requirements. It is also a great way to fix any issues that might have escalated during the years of property being used by other owners. The major benefit of the renovated property is being able to move in immediately. These kinds of properties are ready for new residents, which means as soon as the sale is finalized, you will be able to move in.

·         Property that needs renovation

Finally, we have properties that are available on the market but they are not ready for new residents, as renovation works need to be completed in order for new residents to move in. These kinds of properties are usually the ones that have been vacant for a longer period of time or ones that suffered some sort of damage, such as flooding. Some owners are simply reluctant to deal with such issues and fix the problems, and they are unable to rent property in such condition, which is why they decide to sell it. Since additional investment is needed to make a property available for living, this reduces the selling price of the property. Before you decide to buy this type of property, make sure you are familiar with the amount of works needed for the renovation, time needed to complete the works and the budget that needs to be spent on buying materials for renovation. Also, consult professionals to assess the overall condition and potential issues with the property that might not be obvious but could prolong the renovation or prevent certain renovation plan to be carried out. All of these combined should help you when making an offer for a property that needs renovation.



Buy property in Barcelona


Find a perfect location

Next thing you need to do before you buy a property in Barcelona is to find a perfect location. This is a big city, and thinking about preferable location is very important, as it helps you narrow down your search and focus on the part of the city where you can imagine yourself living. Here are some of the things people have in mind when thinking about location of the new property:

·         The property is close to work

·         The property is close to the school your children go to

·         The neighborhood is in the center of the city

·         There is a nice kindergarten near the property

·         There is a park for walking dogs near the property

·         The property is surrounded by nice yard, playground or green areas

·         The property is near the metro station

You should make a list of things that are important to you and your family members, and then you can decide which location to choose. If you have already lived in Barcelona, you will probably have some experience with different neighborhoods, so chances are you will easily set your mind on a specific one. On the other hand, if you are new in the city, consulting a real estate agent might be a way to go, as you will be able to list all of the requirements, and a well-informed real estate agent will help you decide which neighborhood will fulfill those requirements.



Explore Spanish property market

Buying a property in Barcelona means that you should get familiar with Spanish property market. If you are Spanish native, you might be familiar with the situation, but in case you are from abroad, you need to explore everything there is to know before buying a property.

·         Foreigners are allowed to buy a property in Spain

Both residents and non-residents are allowed to buy a property in Spain, regardless if it is commercial, residential or land.

·         The contract of sale

The contract of sale is usually signed in front of a notary, at which point the full sale price, taxes and other costs are paid by the buyer. The presence of a notary is not mandatory, but it is recommended.

·         Registering the property

Once you buy a property, you as a buyer become responsible for registering the property. This can be done by a notary on your behalf, in which case a notary will charge additional fee for this service.

·         Taxes

The buyer is responsible for paying taxes associated with buying a property. This can be done by the buyer directly, or by an agent that represents the buyer in the process of buying a property.


Find a translator

If Spanish is not your native language, you will need to hire a translator before you buy a property in Barcelona. Hiring a translator is very useful from the start, as you can visit the properties you are interested in with a translator, in which case you will be able to successfully communicate with the property owner. Otherwise, you are at risk of misinterpreting something which might lead to serious complications later on.



Hire a real estate agency

If you decide to conduct the purchase through a real estate agency, you will be provided with enough help to complete the process of buying a property without any unexpected problems. Buying a property is a very complex task, and beside some basic decision making, which you will be able to do on your own, there is so many legal requirements and processes involved. This requires experience with real estate market, specifically the market in Barcelona, which might become an obstacle from some buyers which is why it is recommended to explore services offered by real estate agencies. Of course, hiring an agency does require additional cost, by it is something you should seriously consider, especially if you do not have experience with property purchase or you are new to Barcelona.



Visit the property

Regardless if you decide to use help of a real estate agent or you contact the property owner directly, you should schedule to visit a property, prior to making any decision. Although you can find a lot through internet, including the property interior, it is always advisable to go and see the property for yourself before making any decision. Looking at photos of the property online is not the same as going around the property and getting the real feel of how spacious it is. Other features you will be able to evaluate during your visit are the brightness of the interior, the level of noise coming from the outside, and you might even meet some neighbors.

Once you have gone through these steps, you will be ready to make a decision on which property in Barcelona you want to buy. As we have said in the beginning, this is a complex decision, one that has very strong influence on your life, so it is always advisable to be prepared and know everything there is to know before you buy a property in Barcelona, in order for your purchase to be a true success.

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