Renovating a property is a very exciting project for people who have enough time to devote to this activity, as it requires one being focused and determined to go through with all the works. The major benefit of renovating a property is the fact that you really get reshape the design of the existing property and turn it into something new. It is a great family activity to redesign and decorate your home based on your personal liking and desires, which ultimately makes the property feels more like home.

This is especially important in situation when you buy a property where somebody had already lived in, and you want to renovate it and to adapt it to your personal style and needs. Renovation is also necessary in situations where the property has been abandoned for some time, as time might have affected the condition of the construction, walls, plumbing, etc. which would make the property unsuitable for living until the renovation is complete.

As an expert in renovating properties in Barcelona, we want to share several tips you need to have in mind when you think about the process of renovation.

Act now

The process of renovation can be a very complex and delicate project, which is why a lot of people tend to procrastinate and delay the process of starting the actual work. There is so much to do and so much to prepare, that it is natural to feel overwhelmed. And if you have already had experience with similar projects, you might be prone to delaying the works, especially when there is no way to clearly set up the deadline for completion.

Instead, you should act now, and start making decisions soon. Have in mind that some of the issues might come across as the work starts, but at least you know that you are facing the problem and that you are going towards achieving your goal of having a renovated property in Barcelona.

There is no reason to wait, as long as you have enough time and budget to devote to this project, you are all good to go. Of course, it might be easier to do some works over the summer, such as painting, as the walls will get dry quicker, but since the weather in Barcelona never gets really too cold, you have much more alternatives when it comes to choosing the time of the year when you want to start with the renovation project.

Plan and design

Once you have decided to start with this exciting project of renovation, you need to come up with a plan on how to do it. Planning helps you get everything sorted out before the actual work starts. For example, you do not want to start painting only to realize that you do not have enough paint. These are some issues that can be easily avoided with detailed planning.

Here are some things to consider when planning:

  • Duration of the project
  • All of the works that need to be done
  • The person(s) who will be in charge of certain tasks
  • The order in which the works shall be completed
  • Creating a list of the materials needed for renovation
  • Planning the amount of each material based on the size of the property

When it comes to designing, you can either hire a professional or you could choose how to decorate the property on your own. Great thing about renovation is that you get to completely redesign the property, so that you can adapt the interior and the exterior to your style.

Interior designer or an architect might be a person you want to ask for help when it comes to designing your property, but there are many things related to the design you can plan on your own. This is especially the case with young couples who already have an idea how they want their future home to look like, and they do not want suggestions when it comes to decoration of the interior. With some creative ideas you can achieve a lot on your own, and you can start designing a home you have always imagined. In case you already have your own furniture, this will be a great opportunity for you to match everything and think about painting interior so that it matches the furniture that is going to be placed inside once the works are over.

Call in the professionals

You should not try to do the jobs you are not comfortable with, as much as the jobs look simple. The damage that can be caused when works are handled by a person who is not a professional, might sometimes be greater expense than hiring professionals in the first place. Instead of thinking you can handle everything on your own, you should employ professional builders, painters, electricians, etc. for all the complex jobs related to renovation of property. Make sure you discuss the quote and the time needed for the work with the professionals you are going to hire, as this way you avoid unpredicted costs and you make sure that you are keeping up with the plan for renovating a property in Barcelona.

Even when you hire professionals, there will be plenty of jobs for you around the property, so if you like DIY projects, you will truly enjoy the process of renovation and designing your dream home.

Don’t change your mind often

Once the works have already started, make sure you do not change your mind too often. It is natural to have doubts along the project, and you might want to change to a different wall color, and perhaps choose a different tile design, but make sure you reduce these changes to a minimum.

When you plan the process of renovation, you should make the most of your decisions, so you should be sure that everything in the plan is exactly like you want it to be. Some compromises might be needed, due to the fact that it is not possible to find the exact matching design, or a certain type of material is not suitable for that type of property, but in general, it is best if you could plan and predict most of the decisions related to renovation of the property.

This will also help you avoid any delays in the work, as you might end up in a situation where the works have to be paused for a couple of days until you wait for new materials to be delivered. Even worse is if you change your mind about a certain aspect which has already been finished. For example, the workers have already placed a new window, but you suddenly decide that you are not satisfied with the size of the window, and you realize that you actually want a larger window for that room. This can be changed, even if the window has been set up, but have in mind that this decision will slow down the works and it will increase the costs of the project, as the workers will have to spend more time on the task they have already worked on.

Don’t ignore the issues

Before you start the renovation process, you should be familiar with all of the aspects of the property, as well as the issues that might come across. Issues that exist within the property are important as they might prevent you from completing some works and successfully renovating the property. This is why you must not ignore the issues, as it is much better to face potential obstacles from the start.

For example, if you know that a certain wall of the house was moldy, you cannot simply paint it over and hope for the best. The paint might stick for a while, but you can be sure that this issue will come to surface sooner or later. The mold is going to show up and all the work you have invested in renovation might be in vain, as you start to notice moldy spots in your living room. Instead, you should approach this issue with professionalism. Moldy surfaces require a special process of drying and preparation in order to be ready for painting. Even if this process prolongs the work on renovation, it will be all worth it, as you will be sure that the works are done properly, following the procedure required in these specific situations.

Remove the distractions

As we have said, renovation is a complex process where you need to be focused on the work, as well as the workers who do certain tasks on the property. This is why you need to remove the distractions from your property. What we mean here is anything that can be considered a distraction and thus interfere with the work.

Having kids or pets inside the property during the renovation is an excellent example of a distraction that might interfere with the work, in many different ways. A kid might hurt himself if he goes around the property unsupervised. Additionally, having a child over will require you paying attention, and this is something you cannot do in the process of renovation, as you will spend of most of the time focused on the child, instead of focusing on the work and monitoring the workers who are working on different assignments around the property.



Whatever you do, do not start without an elaborate plan and sufficient budget needed for renovating a property in Barcelona. These are two most important things to have in mind, as you do not want to waste your time and invest into a project, only to regret afterwards and wonder what you could have done differently. Make sure your plan includes as many details about the project, and as many predictions in terms of time and costs necessary to complete the project successfully.

When it comes to the budget, you have to take into account all of the costs associated with renovation. While most people are focused on the costs of material needed, you must think about the contractors’ fees, as well as some unforeseen costs that might occur along the way, if you happen to discover an issue on the property that needs to be resolved prior to continuing with the project.


Thinking about all of these aspects and following this these tips will help you successfully plan and complete the process of renovating a property in Barcelona. 

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