Barcelona, as one of the most popular tourist attractions of the Western Europe and an important part of the business world, with an economy that has soared during the last couple of decades, is visited by millions of people each year. Regardless if those are business people looking to attend one of the international business events organized in the city, or if those are travelers eager to explore and see firsthand the places that have such an immense cultural and historic importance. Maybe those are loyal fans who want to accompany their favorite team in a derby hosted in Barcelona, or perhaps those visitors are young students thrilled to be able to join one of the universities and further advance in their studies.

Although many people arrive to Barcelona with different goals and different intentions in mind, they all have one thing in common. They all need accommodation in Barcelona. Everyone visiting the city needs a place to stay.



This need may be common to a lot of visitors, but the requirements when it comes to staying in Barcelona are very diverse depending on the type of travelers and purpose for visiting the city. Being in the real estate industry for years, we are able to clearly differentiate types of travelers and how we, as rental provider, can help those looking for accommodation.

Rentals in Barcelona

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With this in mind, we want to focus on those looking for long-term rentals in Barcelona, and more precisely, the situations when one should consider this option in the first place.

Studying in Barcelona

Barcelona is a well-known educational center, regardless if you are considering high school education or enrolling to a university in Barcelona. Additionally, there are many summer programs, for children of all ages, so attending a summer course or joining a learning camp is also a very popular option for those interested in improving their knowledge about a certain topic. And the topics are diverse, from learning languages, to developing programming skills.

Depending on the curriculum of the program one is interested in attending, this might be a great opportunity to find long-term rental in Barcelona. This option is especially recommended for those attending programs that are longer than one month, as renting an apartment in Barcelona in this case is both cheaper and more convenient. Another great benefit is a possibility to share costs while staying with a friend or a relative who is also studying in Barcelona.

Finding a job in Barcelona

Finding a job in Barcelona is one of the most common reasons for people to choose to look for long-term rental in Barcelona. Such an opportunity is usually long-term, as finding a job means that you will be signing a contract for a certain period of time, anywhere from three months to three years. In this case, you are aware that relocating to Barcelona is necessary for you to get the job you want, and one of the first things you will have to do is to find accommodation.

Obviously, in this case, any other option, such as staying in a hotel, is not to be taken into account, primarily because of the costs on monthly basis, but also due to inconvenience. When you go to Barcelona to work, you are simply moving your life to a new city, but your everyday life routine should not change much, other than the fact that you are going to be living in a different city. This means, you still want a place you can call your home, even temporary. Imagine arriving every day from work and getting back to a confined hotel room, with no possibility to make dinner for yourself, and no possibility to invite friends over. In this case, you absolutely need to find an apartment in Barcelona, which offers a long-term rental agreement, as your stay is longer than one month.

Other details involved in finding an apartment when you are about to start working in Barcelona is finding an apartment that is near the place you work, but thinking about your monthly budget at the same time. Both of these criteria are important when moving to Barcelona due to work opportunities.

Going on a long vacation

We all know how work can get stressful, and how this routine of going to the same office every morning, knowing that a pile of work is waiting for you, can get to you. This is why we all look forward to that opportunity to have vacation, regardless if you get one or a couple of weeks off work. It still means a lot for a person in desperate need of breaking down the same old routine.

However, some are just luckier than others and they have an opportunity to take a long vacation. Perhaps their work is flexible and they can work from anywhere in the world, or perhaps they do not need to work for a while. In any case, this opportunity to take a long vacation sounds appealing to many people, especially those fond of traveling and exploring new places, so this could be a great reason to leave everything and go on a vacation to an amazing city such as Barcelona.

While short-term travelers still consider booking hotels, long-term vacation is a situation where one should find long-term rental. Even though you might be on a vacation, having an apartment is much more convenient if you are about to live in Barcelona for a while, regardless if we talk about one month or a couple of months.

Although solo travelers can also have so many benefits when choosing an apartment over a hotel room, apartments are particularly recommended for groups of people traveling together. Spending time together is a great way to get to know each other and enjoy your vacation as a group or a couple, so think about all of the benefits you can find in an apartment. You could choose one with a terrace, you could ask for a large living room if you want to have people over. You could find an apartment with a large balcony with a sea view, which is perfect for organizing a romantic dinner.

Finally, going on a long vacation can have its drawback as well. As you are on a vacation, this means you will not be working, resulting in lower or no monthly income for you. Since you might be financing this long break from your savings, this means that you have to be careful with how you spend money and you need to try to save wherever it is possible. Ultimately, spending less on a vacation might just mean you get to stay in Barcelona longer, which is a great benefit for you. If you can relate to this situation, you should consider renting an apartment in Barcelona, more specifically, trying to find the best deal, as you need to stay on the budget, meaning you will need a cheaper apartment. 

Moving to Barcelona

While we have listed some of the most common reasons for people to move to Barcelona, there are still many other reasons why people would choose this option at certain point in their life.

Some people might be attracted by beautiful weather throughout the entire year, which might be particularly appealing to the people who live in areas with extreme weather conditions, either cold or hot. Sometimes people just want a change, so they decide to move to a different city or country, and they find Barcelona to be an ideal place for them to start a new life. In some cases, people might be dissatisfied with living condition in their own country, so they look for a place where they can start more prosperous career and provide better future for their families. Occasionally, people from other cities in Spain are attracted by the charms of Barcelona, as a large city and a center of cultural events, a place of business and commerce.

What all of these people have in common is the fact that they are pursuing better life, a chance to start over, a chance to adapt to a new surrounding and exploit many of the benefits living in a big city such as Barcelona provides. Another thing they have in common is a need to find a place to stay, which is usually a long-term rental, as they plan on settling in Barcelona for a certain period of time.

When people move, they want and need to adapt to the new surrounding rather quickly, as this helps with socialization and generally it helps people feel better as they know they belong somewhere. It is difficult to feel like you are constantly lost, and to live without a home, so one of the first things people who move to Barcelona do is finding an apartment. Getting to know the health care system, finding a job, meeting the neighbors, exploring the environment, are also some things on top of the list of the things you should do when you first arrive to Barcelona, but somehow none of this is possible unless you have a place to stay, a place where you will leave all your belongings, and eventually a place you come to every evening.

Moving is always a stressful experience for people, regardless the reason, regardless the location. You might be moving to a different neighborhood of the same city or you might be moving to a completely different country. In any case, it can be very stressful for people to go through this process of packing all of their belongings, thinking about settling down and adapting to the new surroundings. Working closely with those who go through this process over the past years, we have come to the conclusion that things are much easier when one has a place to stay. Having an apartment, regardless if you rent or buy an apartment, helps with having that feeling of belonging, something everyone of us is eager to feel.


The period of time you actually plan on living in Barcelona and the purpose of your visit are some of the main things to have in mind when thinking about whether you should find long-term rental in Barcelona. This will help you decide among plenty of rental opportunities in the city, allowing you to choose a perfect home in Barcelona.

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