Dealing with lack of natural lightDue to different reasons, sometimes we feel a lack of natural light in the place, where we spend most sufficient part of our life – in our home. Lighting plays an important role in creating cozy atmosphere in our dwelling. Moreover, it can even affect our health. Therefore when you realize that your room is not bright enough, it is better to take quite simple measures in order to avoid this problem. We hope, our advices that are explained below will help you to forget about this kind of issues.

Stress- free house for a better lifeAfter long day in work or school, everyone dreams about peaceful,quite and comfortable space. This space might be your house after you will make just few small changes.

Homesearchbarcelona has for you couple of useful tips.


1) Starting from the entrance. The first thing you want to see when you are coming home is something what makes you smile, makes you happy.

That may be a family picture hanging on the wall, souvenir from great holiday, vase with favourite flowers or paiting.

It is vital that you feel good and relaxed from the moment you walk in.



Advantages of Buying Instead of Renting in BarcelonaBarcelona is a beautiful city that affords a life of fun and luxury, but you need to decide whether you will buy a home or rent when you are living here. Knowing the advantages buying instead of renting can help to guide you in making this decision. There are many pros to buying so definitely keep these in mind, especially if you are looking for a place that you will stay in a for a while.


Tax Advantages

Residents in Barcelona can enjoy different tax advantages when they choose to buy property instead of renting it. If you buy a property and then later sell it, you will not be responsible for any capital gains that occur if the value of the property increases. This applies to those who have been a resident for at least three years and are over 65 years old. This also applies if you sell property that you already own and then re-invest in another property in Spain.

The three percent retention does not apply to you if you are a resident buying a property. Non-residents will have to pay this tax, however.

If you are considered an official resident of Barcelona and then leave your property to family that are official citizens when you pass on, there is a 95 percent reduction in inheritance tax. There are a few stipulations that can be discussed with a lawyer or real estate agent experienced in this matter.

An outdoor terrace or balcony decorated in the right way can really brighten up a home or outdoor area. This is an especially beneficial decorating endeavor in the summer or warm months when the terrace becomes more than just a pretty place outside the window but a place for recreational activities and relaxation as well.

One way to really make a statement in these areas of your home is to use modern furniture in this area. Whether it is at your home, in your apartment in Barcelona, or outside of your townhouse, the following are some of the ideas to decorate these areas with modern furniture that will leave a lasting and impactful impression that you will be happy to call your own. 

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